Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

Versailles and lunch at the Eiffel tower

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Due to the very high popularity of the tour, please give us a call or write us an email to check availability at the Eiffel Tower at first. thanks.


Versailles is at ½ hour drive far from Paris. After picking you up at your hotel with one of our 8 seated air conditioned Mercedes Van, our professional guide will drive you to Versailles and will tell you about the story of the Palace and how the “cour” was living during the Sun King reign.

With its three chateaux, gardens and parks, Versailles is an immense estate. Louis XIV the Sun King is the creative force of Versailles. He turned Versailles into a sumptuous estate and the symbol of absolute monarchy in the 17th century.

Louis Le Vau and then Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Charles Lebrun are the main architects both Versailles and the Grand Trianon and André Le Notre for the gardens.  

You will visit the State Apartments with its 8 rooms, the Hall of Mirrors, the King and Queens’ apartments and since July 2006 some new rooms recently renovated, the Royal Chapel and the Royal Opera Opera.

Your visit in the castle is with an audio-guide in your language. After this visit which lasts around 1 hour and 10 minutes, our guide will accompany you to the gardens.

Beyond the chateau, stretch the gardens and the park. At the foot of the chateau, Le Nôtre created the parterres, designed to be viewed from the terraces. You will see the Grand Perspective which draws the eye to the horizon with its Latona and Apollo fountains. You will stroll to the north and south parterres full of flowers. You will see the various groves in the gardens : the Baldroom and the Colonnade, the Enceladus…and some others our guide will let you discover.

On Saturday and Sunday from April to October there are the Musical Fountains show, included in the price. On Thursday from April to mid May and from July to October, there are the Musical Gardens, also included in the price.

Stroll around the fountains and admire the water jets, explore the groves while enjoying live music concert from Lully the most famous Versailles musical composer from the 17th century.

Returning to Paris, our guide will leave you at the Eiffel tower lift with priority access to go up to the first floor of the tower at the restaurant called “the 58”. After your three course lunch(menu on your right), beverages included, you will be by your own to discover if you want, the 2nd floor the Eiffel Tower. There is no return to your hotel in minibus. From the Eiffel Tower, you will easily find your way back to the main centres of interest of Paris or to you hotel. Ask our guide in case of you need information’s.

This tour is non refundable.

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child : €145.00
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3-4 pax:€990.00
5-6 pax:€1,170.00
7-8 pax:€1,170.00
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