Giverny & Orsay
with or without lunch

Giverny & Orsay
with or without lunch

Giverny & Orsay
with or without lunch

Giverny & Orsay

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Situated in Normandy, the village of Giverny is world-wide known for Claude MONET’s house and atelier. During the trip, our guide will tell you about the impressionist painters who went to Giverny to meet Claude Monet. His property has been left by his son to the Academy des Beaux Arts in 1966. After a large scale renovation in 1980 it becomes a Foundation.

The house where the painter lived from 1883 to 1926 has its colourful décor and intimate charm of former times. The precious collection of Japanese is displayed in several rooms.
The gardens offer for the admiration of visitors the “painting of the nature” which Claude Monet’s contemporaries considered one of his masterpieces.
The rectangular “Clos Normand”, with archways of climbing plants entwined around brilliantly coloured shrubs, lies before the house and studios offering the palette of varying colours of the painter-gardener who was “ecstatic” about flowers.

Lastly, the water garden with its famous Japanese Bridge, its wisterias, azaleas and its pond has inspired the pictorial universe of the water lilies.
The guide will accompany you inside the gardens. Inside the house and atelier, it is not allowed to guide. Our guide will give all necessary information’s how to visit the house.
On the way back you will discover the gorgeous landscape of the Vexin Natural Park with its panorama over the river Seine, its charming villages: La Roche Guyon, Vétheuil …from the crest road.

If you choose to have lunch with us, we will bring you to the restaurant Noces de Jeanette. You will have a three course meal with choice, water & coffee included at this very Parisian typical bistro located next door to the Opera Comique in the heart of Paris (beverage not included) and then continue the tour in the afternoon.

You will then go back to Paris to visit Orsay museum. Formerly a train station, the building an imposing turn of the century edifice built at the end of the 19C for the Universal Exhibition, became in 1986 a Museum.

The collections are presented in chronicle order and by theme: paintings, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts.

The museum is famous for its unrivalled impressionism collections. Many arts works from Claude Monet, Sisley, Manet, Pissaro and Renoir but also from Degas, Cezanne and Van Gogh are displayed here. The neo impressionism, the naturalism and the symbolism paintings are also a very important place in the museum where three large rooms are devoted to works that filled the salons from 1880 to 1900. Works from Matisse, George Seurat, Toulouse Lautrec and Gauguin are displayed in this area. You will also see the realism paintings and the Barbizon school with Camille Corot and Theodore Rousseau.

Orsay’s central aisle overflows with an oddly-assorted selection of sculptures. These illustrate the eclectic mood around the middle of the 19C. Many works from Rodin and Camille Claudel are displayed there.

Our licensed guide will make you discover this Museum which is world richest ones for its painting’s collections of this historical period.

Guided visit of Orsay is only available in English.

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With lunch
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Without lunch
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7-8 pax: €1,120.00
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